I truly think swatting is one of the worst things you can do to people. You have no idea how police are going to act and people have actually died.

For some reason swatting has become popular with livestreamers. People will see someone go live on Twitch or Facebook. They somehow find out where that person lives and call 911. They say some horrific crime is going on at that residence and you need to get there immediately.

For instance, in Wichita, Kansas back in 2017. Police were called out to a residence about a possible hostage situation. The person had a gun and was willing to kill himself and the hostages. This scenario was all made up, but police don't know that. Police arrived and surrounded the residence. The homeowner lowered his hands when police asked them to raise them. This resulted in this person being shot and killed.

What's even more messed up with this story. It was the wrong house, the people who made the call had the old address of the person they were trying to swat. People involved in that call have been sentenced to very serious jail time. You can read more about that case if you want here.

You would think at this point, people would know swatting is a very serious crime. Apparently at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, some students decided to pull this on seventeen-year-old Christin Evans on September 14th. Someone called the cops and said a girl in a dorm room had scissors. The caller said that this girl was threatening to stab students.

Christin Evans was awoken at 3 AM to her dorm getting kicked in with guns drawn. Thankfully nothing happened to Christin and police determined this was a fake call. Stephen F Austin University is currently investigating the situation and they say they will take the proper disciplinary action after the investigation is concluded.

Christin parents were apparently told that ten other students are apparently involved in this swatting situation. Christin has moved into a new dorm and is currently taking her classes online.

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