This kid just wants to save people's lives and this gesture will surely help do that. 

Hector Montoya is just eleven years old and he hopes one day to be a firefighter. Hector lives just outside of Desoto, Texas and he just gave his local fire department a huge amount of smoke detectors. One hundred and twenty-five smoke detectors to be exact.

The department is going to give them to needy senior citizens in the area. “We have a very active, local senior citizens center, and we’re going to make the community aware of the donation through the center. Our goal is to put them in the homes of seniors who have economic hardship, who have a need,” said fire chief Jerry Duffield.

They’re also going to reach out to a local church. Any seniors in need of a smoke detector can reach the department directly, he said. Hector has been raising money for the smoke detectors since he was eight years old. He had the urge to do this after hearing about a story in Fort Worth of a fire that killed a woman and one of her twin daughters.

“We have a fire academy here. We’re giving him a scholarship for the academy.  He’s given so much, and we’re going to give a little back to him,” said Duffield. The chief would go on to say. "Fires happen, no matter what we do, they’re going to happen. The gift you can give a firefighter is for a family to be sitting outside." Those smoke detectors will help out that for sure.

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