It's been a crazy 365 days and one story took over the internet in that time. Harambe the gorilla, but some would say he was more than that.

The internet has a crazy way of taking off with stories. Like some guy named Brad complaining about Cracker Barrel firing his wife or maybe a gorilla being shot in his enclosure. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of that last event. A boy fell into Harambe's enclosure in the Cinncinatti zoo and the zoo shot Harambe for the boy's safety.

Many people believed he should not have been shot and on the one year anniversary we remember him. At least The Rhino Room in East Austin did. They held the Harambe: Day of Remembrance last night. Which included Harambe cocktails and shots. I wouldn't want to take a Harambe shot, too soon for that one. It's only been one year.

This day was all in good fun, but The Rhino Room decided to do something great with this event. Proceeds from this night went to the World Wildlife Fund. They said on Facebook, "Our efforts are to better the lives of all animals within the kingdom, protecting their natural way of life. Thus; in remembrance of our beloved Harambe, come show your support and help represent the love that Austin,Texas has for wildlife!"

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