Congratulations to astronaut Christina Koch. She just set many records, but is looking forward to returning to the Lone Star State.

On Tuesday Christina returned from a recent mission aboard the International Space Station. She spent three hundred and twenty-eight days in space; 5,248 orbits around Earth; six spacewalks and 42 hours and 15 minutes working outside the International Space Station. All of those are records for a female astronaut with NASA.

She was only a few days short of the all time record. American astronaut, Scott Kelly holds that record at 340 days. Last month, Koch told the Associated Press that she can't wait to dig into some chips and salsa and swim and surf in the Gulf of Mexico. She also said taking part in the first all-women spacewalk with Jessica Meir was the highlight of her mission.

If you would like to see a live stream of her returning from space. You can check that out above.

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