Texas has a feral hog problem and they're trying to find different ways to combat that. This new way could help kill a lot more of these things. 

Killing hogs has become a pretty big business here in Texas. Mainly because the hogs cause millions of dollars in damage to Texas farms. Mostly eating farmers' crops. It is estimated that our state has around two million feral hogs running around causing damage.

The hogs don't have any predators to take them out, so that is why their population has exploded. The most popular way to kill these things is by helicopter. That is expensive and also the noise of the chopper scares the vast majority of them away. The state passed a bill yesterday approving hunting of hogs and coyotes by hot air balloon.

It's quiter, more stable for the shooter and cheaper. Sounds like a great plan to me. The bill passed the Senate Wednesday night and now goes to Gov. Greg Abbott for his consideration. This sounds a lot better of a plan than the Texas Ag commissioner's poison plan. Check out the video below for more details on that.

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