Karma isn't often delivered so swiftly, but I love when it happens.

To the people that fire guns directly into the air, where do you think those bullets go? I seriously think people think these things go into space and they will never see them again. Guess what folks, gravity is gonna bring those bullets right back down to Earth eventually and I hope they hit your dumbass when they do.

A man in San Antonio learned this lesson early this morning. Around 12:25 AM, San Antonio police were dispatched to a house about a shooting. When police showed up, a man was lying in the street with gun shot wounds directly on his buttock.

Forrest Gump would be proud. Now the man at the start was uncooperative with police, but they were just trying to get some information as to who did the shooting. The man eventually came clean admitting that he had fired some shots into the air and one of the bullets came down right on his butt. He was transported to University Hospital and is in stable condition.

Even more icing on the cake, the man had some outstanding warrants out for his arrest so he will be facing some more charges as well. So remember kids, don't play with guns. I would think it would be fairly common sense to not shoot bullets straight into the air, but some folks have to learn this the hard way it looks like.

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