While plenty of fans are undoubtedly excited to see Terminator 2 back in theaters next weekend, you’d be forgiven for wondering if it would come with completely reworked new segments. There was always a chance that James Cameron would pull a George Lucas and tinker like mad with his theatrical re-release. Well, good news: that doesn’t seem to be the case. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight (via iO9), Cameron explained that he was content to let his past work speak for itself, noting that he’s “changed as an artist” and didn’t want want to “second guess” himself on the creative decisions he made back in the early ’90s.

That doesn’t mean that Cameron let everything slide, of course. Later in that same interview, Cameron admitted that there was one technical mishap that had always bugged him about the movie, and he finally took the opportunity to fix it for Terminator 2’s re-release:

We didn’t change it, except for one thing: there’s a shot that always bugged me, when the tow truck smashes down into the drainage canal and chases the kid on the bike. The windshields fall out when it jumps into the drainage canal and then they’re back in for the whole rest of the sequence. So we put them back in.

Listen, I’ll go to my grave not understanding the amount of grief we given James Cameron as a filmmaker. Yes, he wants to make a billion more Avatar movies, but consider this: Cameron has the attention to detail necessary to be bugged for decades by a single shot in Terminator 2, but enough respect for the creative process not to tinker unnecessarily with one of his most beloved movies. It’s easy to say that filmmakers should let the work stand the test of time by itself, but given modern technology, the desire to tinker has betrayed plenty of Cameron’s peers. It’s little anecdotes like this that only make me admire Cameron as a filmmaker more, and ensure that I will continue to be an Avatar truth as long as there are Avatar movies to truth over.

Terminator 2 is back in limited theaters on August 25, 2017.

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