It seems like video game consoles are getting quite pricey these days, but one could argue that video games and consoles are actually getting more affordable over time.

Everyone is complaining about the hefty $499.99 price tag on the Xbox One, but it doesn't even make the top five on this list of the most expensive Video Game Consoles.

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    PlayStation (1995)

    Original Price:$300 Adjusted for Inflation: $460

    The PlayStations inclusion of a CD player boosted the price significantly.That didn't slow down sales; PlayStation is currently the fourth best selling console of all time.

    Playstation (Getty Images)
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    Xbox 360 (2005)

    Original Price: $400. | Adjusted for Inflation: $479

    Microsoft is still enjoying 360 sales, with over 77 million consoles sold. It was still 100 dollars less than the PS3 at the time.

    Xbox360 (Getty Images)
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    Xbox One (2013)

    Original Price: $499

    There’s no getting around the high price tag for the Xbox One. Even with inflation adjusted pricing, it ranks among the top ten most expensive game consoles ever.

    Xbox One (Getty Images)
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    Sega Saturn (1995)

    Original Price: $400. | Adjusted for Inflation: $613

    The Saturn is a favorite among many gamers, thanks to its 32 bit graphics and dual CPUs. It was not able to compete with its chief competitor the PlayStation

    Sega Saturn (Flickr user: Ryan Somma)
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    PlayStation 3 (2005)

    Original Price:$600 | Adjusted for Inflation:$696

    The PS3 was crazy expensive on day one, and even though it doesn’t have much time for inflation to adjust that price, its managed to get even crazier.

    Playstation 3 (Getty Images)
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    Atari 2600 (1977)

    Original Price:$200. | Adjusted for Inflation:$772

    When you look at the inflation-adjusted price of the system that really kicked off the home gaming craze, its amazing that the Atari 2600 became as popular as it did.

    Atari (flickr user: oxxor)
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    Original Price:$300 | Adjusted for Inflation:$96

    While the Atari 2600 might be better known, Mattel certainly held its own in the first real console war. Often hailed as the first 16 bit gaming system.

    Intellivision (flckr user: Divine Rapier)
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    Neo-Geo (1991)

    Original Price: $650 | Adjusted for Inflation: $1,116

    Unlike other high priced consoles in the early 90s, the Neo-Geo had the high tech brawn to justify the cost. Games for the home system were as graphically compatible as their arcade counterparts, something unheard of at the time. Initially only sold to bars, hotels and restaurants, the company expanded its marketing when it discovered some gamers would be willing to buy the expensive system.

    Intellivsion (flickr user: RetroFranz)
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    Panasonic 3DO (1993)

    Original Price: $700 | Adjusted for Inflation: $1,130

    Regardless of whether or not you factor in the inflation price, the 3DO was insanely expensive. The brainchild of Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins won Time magazines product of the year in 1994, but never found a solid user fan base. By the end of 1996 it was discontinued.

    3DO (flickr user: twilsie)
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    Phillips CDi (1991)

    Original Price: $700 | Adjusted for Inflation: $1,200

    Preposterously pricey and boasting some of the worst games of all time? Hard to believe that the CDi didn’t become a more major player in the gaming industry, though Phillips certainly tried. As part of an ill-fated agreement, Nintendo let Phillips create games on some of its most iconic characters of all time. Leading to disasters like Hotel Mario and Link:The Faces of Evil. Needless to say it didn’t help the system sell, and its run ended in 1998 with only one million units sold.

    CDi (flickr user: Dacaboh)