Looks like everyone can get off the Dallas Stars' ass for denting the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay looks like it did way more damage to the iconic trophy.

Pantera and the Dallas Stars go so well together. The stories of the band and the hockey team can go on forever. I pray the Dallas Stars never get rid of the iconic Puck Off song that Vinnie made for them all those years ago. That song gets me hyped after every Dallas Stars goal.

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Well, another Pantera/Dallas Stars memory that has honestly angered hockey fans throughout the years is the infamous Stanley Cup story at Vinnie Paul's house. Now this story has been confirmed by the late Vinnie Paul when he sat down with Loudwire for a round of Wikipedia Fact or Fiction. Guy Carbonneau threw the Cup off of Vinnie's balcony into the pool.

Unfortunately, Guy didn't hit the middle of the pool and the Cup hit the ledge. Putting a pretty significant dent into the cup. When you party with Pantera, s*** is gonna get broken. The Dallas Stars actually partied so hard with the guys from Pantera that they were late to their own victory parade, but that's another story.

Fast forward to 2021 where the Tampa Bay Lightning are the Stanley Cup champs and they had their victory parade over the weekend. Someone dropped the hell out of this thing and caved the top of it in. Looks like the Cup will be sent to Montreal for repairs. Which is pretty messed up.

Tampa Bay beat Montreal in the finals. I'm sure the person fixing this, is most likely a Canadians fan. Sorry you got to fix this, we were partying too hard since your team blew it. Whatever Tampa did to the cup, it's probably not as cool as partying with Vinnie and Dime after a Stanley Cup win.

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