Need an excuse to pig out on pepperoni pizza? Here ya go.

I don’t know about you, but I never pass up a piece of pepperoni pizza. Unlike pineapple, pepperoni is the one topping that pretty much everybody can agree on.

So, of course, pepperoni pizza gets its own national day. And since it is National Pepperoni Pizza Day, I figured I would put together a list of the best deals you can get in Wichita Falls for the occasion. Special thanks to Thrillist for pointing me in the right direction.

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Wichita Falls National Pepperoni Pizza Day Deals


Get a whole pepperoni pizza for just $5 today from 7-Eleven. You can also take advantage of the deal on the 7NOW delivery app.

Domino's Pizza

Save 20% on all menu items when you place your order online.

Hunt Brother's Pizza

Wanna load up on pepperoni? Hunt Brother's Pizza offers extra toppings at no additional cost.

Marco's Pizza

For September 20, Marco's is hooking up their delicious Pepperoni Magnifico pizza for just $9.99. Be sure to use the code PEPMAG when placing your order.

Papa John's Pizza

For a limited time, you can get Papa John's Football Pizza for just $10.99. It's loaded with pepperonis and perfect for fans of pepperoni and football alike.

Pizza Hut

Among several deals you can take advantage of on Pizza Hut's website is their $9.99 large 1-topping pizza delivery deal. And of course, that topping HAS to be pepperoni today.

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