Starbucks at Kemp and Kell in Wichita Falls has a new landlord. reports that Pierson Retail Advisors of Dallas negotiated the sale between Truity Capital LLC and an ‘out of state buyer’.

Wichita County deed records indicate that on April 6, a warranty deed was filed listing the grantee (buyer) as ‘JAMES C. HANKEN ETUX’.  ETUX is a Latin word often found on deeds meaning ‘and wife’.  The sale price has not been disclosed, but Wichita County Tax records but the assessed value of the property and building at $813,000.

Starbucks has been the lone tenant of the property since it was built in 2003. also reports that Starbucks recently signed a new 10 year lease for the location.

Sources:, Wichita County Appraisal District

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