All in good fun the other night at the Blues game and it's nice to see the Stars got some love.

On Friday night, the Stars were in St. Louis and unfortunately lost 4-1. However, we do have one highlight that everyone can get a chuckle on. The Blues decided to pan through the crowd and show which fans lined up with a particular Christmas character. I feel like this is one person's job during the game. Just scanning faces in the crowd for this one moment.

I feel bad for the kid with the red hair having to be one of the worst characters in Christmas movie history, Scut Farkus. By the way, my ENTIRE life I thought it was Scott Farkus. That little a-holes name is Scut? I hate him even more now. A Stars fan in attendance was of course The Grinch.


Can't hate the Blues for doing it. With the Dallas Stars new Victory Green jersey we all stand out like a big neon sign when we go to games on the road now. The one that was absolutely perfect was the dude in the Santa hat that looked like...well Santa. I hope that dude is working at a mall somewhere in St. Louis making some money.

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Hopefully my Dallas Stars get back to winning soon. I would love to go to some playoff games in a few months since Covid ruined my shot to go to Stanley Cup playoff game.

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