Got home from work last night and was pretty shocked as to what was going on our Facebook page.

So last night I scheduled a post to go out on the 106.3 the Buzz Facebook page about our Wichita Falls Warriors night. It's on New Year's Eve and I was trying to think of a fun creative way to promote that night. I remembered last year on New Year's Eve everyone was sharing that photo of Lieutenant Dan saying this is how they're ringing in the New Year.

The only thing I regret posting in this was saying 'Don't be depressed like Lieutenant Dan'. In hindsight, I see how this could come off as making fun of someone with PTSD. What I was trying to say is I hate New Year's Eve because it's a day of the year where you feel like you're obligated to have plans. If you need something to do, I was saying come on out to the Wichita Falls Warriors game and hang out with us.

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I now have people tagging every media outlet in town and also my company saying how are you letting this fly. If the company makes me take the post down, I will. I just hate when someone deletes something without owning up to it. So I am admitting here, I fucked up. I should not have posted this last night. Please believe that I am not making fun of people with PTSD. I was just trying to say if you need plans on New Years, come have some fun with us.

This morning, I have decided to turn this negative into a positive. I have made a $500 donation to the Gary Sinese Foundation. In case you did not know, Gary Sinese is actually the one who plays Lieutenant Dan in 'Forrest Gump'. He has organization that helps first responders and veterans battling PTSD. I encourage everyone to check it out if you have some time today.

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At this point, if you truly believe I was making fun of people battling PTSD. I don't know what to say. I hope this proves my side of the story.

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