A nightmare scenario played out in Allen, Texas on Tuesday (September 20).

KWTX News 10 is reporting that one person is dead after a tractor-trailer went over the side of an overpass and exploded. The accident happened at a little before 3:00 pm in the 2000 block of U.S. Highway 75.

Police say the truck collided with another vehicle on the overpass, which caused it to go over the side.

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It’s a miracle that no one else was killed in the accident. Luckily, the truck just so happened to go over the overpass just a few seconds after a pickup truck had gone under the overpass and there were no other vehicles in the vicinity of the truck as it crashed.

As you might expect, traffic was backed up Tuesday afternoon for a while as crews cleaned up what was left of the tractor-trailer.

My deepest condolences go out to the victim of the crash and their loved ones.

Video of Wreck on Dallas North Tollway

A first-person video has been making the rounds on Twitter of a guy speeding through traffic late at night on the Dallas North Tollway. The distracted (and most likely intoxicated) driver is filming the road ahead with his phone as he jams out to some music while weaving through traffic.

The driver ultimately slams into the rear end of a pickup truck at full speed. The driver and passenger appear to be okay, but it’s not clear as to the condition of the driver of the pickup.

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