She-Hulk smashes ... the legal system?

Marvel just debuted the first trailer for their She-Hulk TV show, which revealed the show’s full title is actually She-Hulk: Attorney at LawThe show stars Tatiana Maslany as the title character, a lawyer named Jennifer Walters who just so happens to be the cousin of Bruce Banner, AKA the Incredible Hulk. I guess being green runs in the family?

Technically, in the Marvel Comics, Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk after she gets a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce. The first trailer for She-Hulk doesn’t reveal exactly how its version of the character becomes super-powered, but it does feature plenty of Mark Ruffalo back as the Hulk, so that could very well be the story they tell here. You can watch the trailer — which also includes an appearance from Tim Roth, back as Emil Blonsky for the first time since The Incredible Hulk way back in 2008. (Mark Ruffalo wasn’t even the Hulk back then!)

Here is the show’s official synopsis, which reveals that there are even more Marvel characters who will show up on the series:

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” follows Jennifer Walters as she navigates the complicated life of a single, 30-something attorney who also happens to be a green 6-foot-7-inch superpowered hulk. The nine-episode series welcomes a host of MCU vets, including Mark Ruffalo as Smart Hulk, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/the Abomination, and Benedict Wong as Wong.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres on Disney+ on August 17.

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