NBA legends Gary Payton and Shaquille O'Neal have a long shared history.

The two played for years together in Los Angeles. They also spent some time on the court and in the locker room in Miami.

Payton recently sat down with VladTV and spilled that Shaq used to be the ultimate jokester in the locker room — and the rookies got the brunt of his pranks.

The former point guard claimed that Shaq allegedly used to haze the newbies with a rather disgusting ritual.

"We used to always play jokes," the 53-year-old former athlete said. "Shaq is a jokester. So if one of the rookies would be in the stall, he would take a bucket and use the bathroom in it for about a week. And then all of a sudden, he would pour it on them."

See the clip here:

In a separate clip from the interview, Payton explained that he once stole Shaq's underwear — which he still has framed in his house — forcing the Kazaam star to be "free-balling" with just a towel on in his vehicle.

Watch the interview here:

Payton detailed Shaq would "get in his truck and ride around and then he would throw the towel out and then he’d be free-balling," so he would in turn "keep all the shorts, pair of drawers and all that stuff."

Users commented on the video in disbelief over Shaq's alleged locker room antics.

"Pouring that on someone is NOT A JOKE. It’s a death wish," one wrote, while another stated: "Hold up. Did I hear this right? Shaq would dump a week old urine on people? Lmao wth?!?! Bruh that’s too much. Gross."

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