It feels like we've watched Scott Ian's son grow up in music, and now 11-year-old Revel Ian has a band. Honeybee are a three-piece rock outfit that also includes 16-year-old guitarist-vocalist Liam Williams and 15-year-old bassist/vocalist Theo O'Gara and the band has started booking gigs and releasing music. In fact, their new song "Get Out of My Head Now" can be heard below, with a new album currently en route.

The group's sound is described as "an explosive cocktail of hard rock and heavy metal with a dash of psych, prog and an alt-folk edge." They formed in 2019 when Williams, seeking to start his own band, discovered the talents of Ian and asked him to jam. Pulling in Liam's classmate Theo O'Gara, the trio officially came together.

Recent months have seen the upstart rockers spending time at Dave Grohl's Studio 666 where they've worked on their self-titled debut album, which now carries a May 27 street date.

Ian, who played onstage with Grohl and has popped up frequently playing covers on YouTube with his father, says of now being part of a band experience, “It’s one of the most awesome feelings you can ever have. Playing music with people is one of the most creative things you can do. You can make music whatever you want. And at my age? Forget about it. I am so grateful to be able to play music with two guys that are 5 years older than me. I am so grateful to be able to play like I can at 11 years old. Quick summary: Being in a band is the best feeling you can ever have.”

As stated, the group is starting to book gigs as well. On the horizon will be a May 15 show at the legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, opening for Motor Sister, which features Scott Ian and Pearl Aday among their ranks. The band is also set to perform on May 30 at the Topanga Days Music Festival in Topanga, California. Get tickets for the Whisky show here and for Topanga Days here.

While having a chance to play live for an audience is still somewhat fresh for the musicians, it's something they're embracing.  Williams says, "It feels really good to take something from your mind and then put it out there and then it's a whole nother level of feeling good when people react well to it. Whenever you write a song on you put whenever you're feeling out there and then when you perform it and people give you applause or cheers it just feels very validating and it feels like people relate to you and that you relate to other people and it kind of builds a sense of trust among strangers.”

Get a listen to the new song "Get Out of My Head Now" below. You can pick up the track and pre-order the self-titled record as well as find additional info on the band at this location.

Honeybee, "Get Out of My Head Now"

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