Live from New York, it's the Saturday Night Live exhibit! Yeah, doesn't have the same ring to it.

SNL has become a huge part of television history. I feel like every generation thinks that their decade of SNL is the best. I grew up with Wayne's World, Motivational Speaker Matt Foley and the Chicago Super Fans. I learned that in the 90's, ratings wise was considered a low point for the show. That's crazy when you think about all the classic characters and people that were on in those years.

Well whatever decade of the show you're a fan of, you can appreciate this brand new exhibit that is now open. As you probably know, SNL celebrated it's 40th anniversary earlier this year. This exhibit is just a little icing on the cake of the immense history of this show. I got to admit, I would love to sit on the Wayne's World couch.

Check Out a Quick Look of the New 'Saturday Night Live' Exhibit Below: