The end of 2019 brought the news of a number of high profile reunions, such as Motley Crue, Rage Against the Machine and My Chemical Romance. Also in the mix were Saliva, who had intentions on reuniting with original singer Josey Scott for a tour and new album. For now though, those plans have been put on hold according to drummer Paul Crosby.

Following Scott's suggestion that he would be making his return to Saliva, the band booked a summer 2020 North American tour alongside Powerman 5000, Adema and Flaw. The run was nixed as a result of the live events shutdown stemming from health and safety precautions surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Scott, however, was not scheduled to be part of that tour.

Offering some clarity on the Saliva's lineup and future intentions, Crosby told the "Chuck Shute Podcast," "Honestly, that is completely his decision. I'm not sure where his head's at," when pressed about whether or not the group will proceed with Scott as their returning singer.

"There was talk of all that, and then the pandemic put the brakes on it," the drummer continued, "And, obviously, we're still dealing with the remnants of the pandemic, so I'm not sure what's going to play out. All I can is that all that has been put on hold at least for now — till everything clears up, and then maybe we'll revisit it."

Scott was a member of the band from their inception in 1996 through 2011, and last appeared on Under Your Skin, Saliva's seventh album. He was replaced by Bobby Amaru, who remains with the band to this day.

Saliva's last album, 10 Lives, was released in 2018.

Saliva's Paul Crosby on the "Chuck Shute Podcast"

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