UPDATE: The NHL has confirmed the Winter Classic will be happening at the Cotton Bowl in 2020. 

That's right, outdoor hockey in Texas.

Since 2008, the NHL has a tradition of playing a game on or around New Year's Day. This winter classic is unique because the game takes place at an outdoor venue. Yes, hockey in the elements. It's been played at MLB,NFL and college football stadiums. This is not official as of yet, but at some point today, an announcement is supposed to come out about Dallas hosting the Winter Classic.

From what I have seen, some people are saying the Cotton Bowl is the most likely venue. Some others are saying Globe Life Park or AT&T Stadium. I'll be honest, I don't see it being either of those two. Yes, the new Globe Life Park could have a roof that opens and so does AT&T Stadium. The Winter Classic has never been a venue like that before.

If this does happen, I will for sure be going. An outdoor hockey game is something you just don't see and I am definitely going to be a part of it. Rumors are New York Rangers or the Minnesota Wild for an opponent. I would prefer Minnesota because that is a big rival for the Stars, but the Rangers gets you the biggest market in the country.

Fair Park workers where the Cotton Bowl is located confirms that NHL officials have been there recently checking out the potential site. They need to ensure the facility has enough power capabilities to keep the ice cold during the game. We should find out later today if these rumors are true.

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