I have lost weight also doing the Mortal Kombat diet, Grand Theft Auto diet and Halo diet. Actually, I just play too many video games, need to get on Ronda Rousey's level.

Probably the only female UFC fighter that your average fan knows is Ronda Rousey. In a recent interview she discussed how she used to cut weight back in the day and it was something she called the 'Pokemon Diet'. Being the huge nerd that I am, she definitely has gotten my attention. I could stand to lose a few pounds, so if it involves video games I am in. She discussed her love for the Pokemon games.

"I got the trading cards first. Then I got the video game on Gameboy Color. My first one was Pokemon blue, and my first Pokemon was Charmander. I got immediately hooked. I lost a bunch of weight and I was a small kid. I wouldn't stop playing. I just had a stack of milk and graham crackers next to me because I wouldn't get up. I'll just have a cracker and keep playing.

I've got every single version of every generation of the game. When Blue came out, I didn't just wait for Silver. I got Blue, I beat Blue. I got Red, I beat Red. I got Yellow, I beat Yellow. And when Gold and Silver and Platinum came out, I got all three of those and beat those. The first game I got, just on that one cartridge, had 200 hours on it. I've done every single version and every single Pokemon since. The White, the Black, X, Y, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2. The only ones I didn't play was Pokemon pinball, and that kind of bullshit."

I already thought Ronda Rousey was cool as hell, but a chick that can play over 200 hours of a video game is cool in my book. Remember kids you can get sucked into video games, so remember to eat while playing. I know I used to hear those stories of people that died playing World of Warcraft because they forgot to drink water. I used to think, how the hell does that happen.

When 'Red Dead Redemption' came out I literally had nothing to do on a Saturday. Started playing the game at about ten in the morning. Go up to take a piss and I felt all lightheaded when I stood up. What the hell is going on, look down at my phone and it was almost midnight. I played for over twelve hours without eating anything all day. What a nerd way for me to almost pass out.


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