Hidden off of FM 2326 just south of Electra, Texas, an almost out of place cemetery sits alone. The gate reading "Ronda 1881," reminisces to a time when a small community started to thrive, but dwindled, leaving the few citizens who passed alone in a small graveyard.

Ronda was a small town in the late 19th century consisting of only 75 people, a post office and a store. However, after the post office was moved to nearby Harrold in 1907, and the school was consolidated, the rural western town diminished away. Both the post office and school are long gone, so the cemetery is the only standing evidence of Ronda, a town said to be named after a Witch, with rumors of her being buried in this exact graveyard.

Stories say Ronda’s spirit can be seen rising from the grave and hovering around her headstone. However, most of the headstones cannot be read or are missing, and the ones that can be read are cracked, falling over, or eroded away.

The graves consist of a variety of people and dates, a 6-day-old infant in 1890, a World War II vet in 1987, and his wife in 2006, the most recent date out there. Hints such as a young death and a confederate flag next a grave suggest a Civil War war veteran lies here, and an Army captain’s grave hidden in tall grass from 1893.

Sunken in graves, and unmarked stones cover the small cemetery, with two graves fenced off. One large grave is bordered with native stones, but has no markings, leaving curiosity as to where, or if, Ronda even lies here.

Only two skimpy mesquite tress are on the lot, providing little shade, and pumpkins can be found in their adolescent stages struggling to grow in the water deprived soil.

With only about 25 graves, and roughly 8 of being readable, there’s little exploring to be done, yet the quiet cemetery sitting in a seemingly vast area, is intriguing and quite creepy.

Finding it can be difficult, and it might not be worth the trip, but this lone lot contains history and mysteries seemingly forgotten.

Video by Jacklyn York

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