Metallica's Robert Trujillo recently caught up with Steffan Chirazi for a brand-new SO WHAT! interview. In the conversation, Trujillo and the SO WHAT! editor covered a lot of ground, from what the fans were like during Metallica's South American run a few months ago to how he explored new creative outlets during the pandemic.

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"I feel great about what Metallica's doing," Trujillo explained, "and the collaborative spirit is so strong. But also, there's something to be said for when we were at home [during the pandemic], and everybody was sequestered. Some other people that I really respect were reaching out to create and collaborate on certain song ideas ... it was just a lot of fun and really therapeutic."

Chirazi dove deeper into those collaborations and asked Trujillo if he's been gaining confidence over the years since he's always had a wide and diverse connection with other artists, even before joining Metallica. As Chirazi put it, "You're the longest-serving bass player in this band by some distance at this point, and to be appreciated must give you more confidence to maybe explore your old self?"

To that, Trujillo seemed to agree:

...with Metallica, like I always say, I'm in this band to be a part of the support team, to help any member, to do what we need to do to help lift the team and move forward in the most productive way, whether it's supporting a song just as a bass player, or helping as a writer. Whatever it takes to move forward, to keep the energy alive and flowing. Sometimes it's even learning a song inside and out so that I can help other members. We all have lots of things in our lives, and I'm always trying to read that. I'm always trying to read what's going on with each member and how I can help ... I'm always about trying to be more productive in the decision to contribute as well.

It's a great, comprehensive interview and you can read the full conversation here.

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