Traveling the country eating steak is not a bad way to enjoy retirement.

How Many Texas Roadhouses Are There in America?

According to Scrapehero, currently Texas Roadhouse has 655 locations across the United States. Texas has the most locations in the country with 76 with Fort Worth having the most locations in one city with four. Looks like a couple plans not just to visit all of these in Texas, but every single one in the country.

Meet Judy and Mike McNamara

These two have been retired since 2017. They come from Virigina and over the past seven years have seen some great parts of the country. While enjoying Texas Roadhouse along the way. The couple has eaten at over 400 locations since they started their journey. By June of next year, the couple hopes to cross the 500 locations mark.

Judy and Mark With the Texas Roadhouse CEO

The two have gained a lot of attention on their journey and even the CEO of the company recently met them at a stop in Ohio. The McNamara's say they're going to try and hit them all, but spending six hours in a truck just to hit another one can be grueling at their age.

McNamara's Go To Texas Roadhouse Order

  • The sirloin
  • The pork chop
  • The pulled pork
  • The Chicken Critters.

Mike admits that his wife will explore the menu at bit more than he will, but he says now his go to four items are those above. Best of luck to the McNamara's on their journey. Hopefully they get something from that CEO once they hit up every location.

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