Following the draft that was leaked earlier this week (May 2), which stated that the Supreme Court was planning to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights, Rage Against the Machine have spoken out on the matter. The band took to social media to decry the criminalization of abortions in a new statement.

The draft, which was mainly written by Justice Samuel Alito, states that "Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. We hold that Roe and Casey [1992's Planned Parenthood v. Casey] must be overruled.” The draft will reportedly be published within the next two months, and will contain the court's ruling.

"Rage Against the Machine stands in support of reproductive justice and will continue to fight against any attempts to restrict or control reproductive freedoms. Criminalizing access to abortion will only add to the suffering disproportionately felt by poor, BIPOC and undocumented communities," RATM wrote.

"The constant rightward shift of both major parties should alarm us all — a wake up call that we desperately need to organize radical people power against a warfare state that continues its assault on people's lives."

For those who don't like when Rage speak out on social and political topics — guitarist Tom Morello already addressed the matter back in March. "People who are offended by my politics on Twitter or Instagram, please know it's because you weren't intelligent enough to know what the music that you were listening to all these years was about," he remarked to Metal Hammer.

Several other rockers have reacted to the news of the draft over the last couple of days as well, including Disturbed's David Draimain, Dee Snider, Garbage's Shirley Manson and Skillet's John Cooper — who argued that reversing Roe v. Wade "is something that Christians have been praying about literally for 50 years."

"People have been begging and pleading God to intervene. People like my mom, who's with Jesus now, prayed and fasted and went to prayer meetings and went and handed out literature at abortion clinics trying to save babies. This was just a tradition that I grew up in," the frontman said during a video on his Cooper Stuff YouTube channel, adding that his daughter volunteers at a pro-life clinic [via Blabbermouth].

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