It's April Fool's Day. We all know that almost every website on the internet is going to do something to try to fool you. We've been here before. It's been done. You might say it's all a little bit corny.

Well, decided that if they were going to do a corny April Fool's prank, they were going to do it right. If you go to today, instead of finding hot young coeds being promiscuous, you're going to find some hot, steamy, buttery...corn!

They really went all out on this one. Not only is the home screen filled with pics and videos of corn, they actually have a full section of corn videos. In the name of journalistic research, I watched a couple of them. Knowing that someone took the time to sensually butter an ear of corn for a video, or stage two ears of corn getting wet in a hot tub, is either the most creepy or the most genius thing on the interwebs in year...maybe both.

Whether you are a corn fetishist or just someone who wants a good laugh, you might want to check the site out today. Obviously it's NSFW, but maybe the boss will let it slide if he knows it only for the corn.

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