While October 22 will be here before you know it, it can't come fast enough for me. That's because after five insanely long years, these ears will at long last be treated to some new grind from one of my favorite bands within the genre Pig Destroyer will release Book Burner.

And wouldn't ya know I've got a little something to tide you and I over in the form of the lyric video for "Burning Palm" from said album and it is one hell of a video. In fact, I wouldn't even bother with filming a traditional video for the tune (but trust me, I wouldn't complain if they did), that's how good I think it is. Not to mention you get to follow along with the words of one of the best lyric writers in metal, Mr. J.R. Hayes.

As for the song itself, it is everything I love about Pig Destroyer - short and anything but sweet, in your face grind with a nice little groovy passage to set the whole thing off.

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