Prior their lavish coastal Italian wedding, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Barker apparently had a dark and gothic-styled bachelor party in the desert. Kourtney back-tracked and shared a slew of media Thursday (June 10) to her Instagram of the candle-laden bash. Posted from Palm Springs, CA. Kourtney titled it "Romeo and Juliet vibes for the Bach.🖤"

Departing from tradition, Kourtney and Travis had a joint bachelor party. Her first pic shows her and Travis canoodling behind a fire hazard of lit candles with a guest's animal-printed backside flanking them.

Scroll to the right in the Insta post and there is a video scanning the absurdly long dining table, with old brass angel candle-holders (holding another billon candles), and ornate place settings. Then (eat your heart out Ann Rice,) there is a heart-shaped wrought iron candle holder. Then a blood-velvet red heart-shaped cake with "Kravis Forever" written on it.

Going further, in what can only be considered the cherry-on-top of a Goth-themed bachelor party, a pic of what looks like a biologically realistic beaded black heart purse, complete with protruding pulmonary aorta and vein. Perfect to keep your partners soul in, we suppose.

There are a couple more photos of the setting, red lighting along the exterior of the dining room. In one shot it looks like the soon-to-be bride and groom have special high backed chairs side-by-side. And at the end, a mysterious little vial is featured on the tablecloth, without explanation. If we had to take a stab at the contents, absinthe?

If you're still looking for some Barker-Kardashian wedding fodder, check out Mark Hoppus' well-received dig at his wife for scandalous celebration attire, and photos from the grand occasion here.

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