Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante recently spoke about the upcoming Pantera reunion involving him and Zakk WyldeOzzy Osbourne's lead guitarist and Black Label Society bandleader. The two will take the place of the late Abbott brothers in the metal band.

After word emerged last month that Pantera would tour in 2023 with the reformulated lineup, rock and metal fans responded to the news. Now, Benante has indicated his doubts that a full-blown Pantera tour will happen. He also had words for the naysayers.

The drummer, pictured above at right, offered the comments during an Anthrax meet-and-greet on Aug. 12, per Blabbermouth. Saying the reformed Pantera would only play "select" shows, he stated, "I don't think so" when asked about more extensive touring.

Later, when another fan said "flak" about the reunion had emerged online, Benante responded, "Why is there flak?"

"People are stupid," the fan answered. "There you go," the drummer replied. Benante then added to detractors, "Don't come."

"That's the line online tomorrow: Charlie Benante on Pantera tour – 'Don't come,'" Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian chimed in.

As for the reunion's impact on Anthrax, Ian added, "The Pantera thing is not gonna change anything we're doing." Anthrax bassist Frank Bello concurred, "We'll still be working."

According to Billboard, the Abbott brothers' estates have approved the reunion. Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, later of Hellyeah, died in 2018 from heart failure. His brother, Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, was murdered onstage in 2004 during a show by his and Paul's post-Pantera act, Damageplan. Pantera last released Reinventing the Steel in 2000.

Anthrax recently released the live album Anthrax XL, a recording taken from their 40th anniversary livestream last year. They're touring right now.

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