He has residences in various parts of the world, and now Ozzy Osbourne has added Alamogordo, N.M., to the list of cities where he has ties. In fact, Osbourne recently joined the city's Chamber of Commerce,

The third season of Ozzy and Jack's World Detour is now shooting, and in late February, Ozzy, Jack and sister Kelly stopped in Alamagordo to explore the White Sands National Monument.

While in town, the Osbournes visited a ranch owned by Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce Executive Director GB Oliver, which led to a unique opportunity. “The way that came about is somebody gave them my name. Apparently, they were down here filming several things and they wanted to go to a ranch,” Oliver told The Alamagordo News. “It was Ozzy Osbourne and his two children Jack and Kelly. They were interested in riding horses. They wanted to learn how to rope, crack a bullwhip, shoot rifles and they wanted to camp out under the stars and cook a meal.”

Oliver complemented the Osbourne family, stating that they and the show's crew were some of the nicest people he's met. “I visited with Jack and Kelly a lot, I really enjoyed them. They had a great time. They were game to do anything and they would try anything,” Oliver said. “You almost forgot that there was anybody filming. They’re that good at making everybody comfortable and they were fun to be around.”

After having such a pleasant experience, Oliver asked Ozzy if he was interested in becoming an official member of the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce. “After they finished filming a camping scene, the producers said Ozzy wanted to see me in his RV. Ozzy told me he appreciated all this and how pretty it was out here. I said there was only one thing he had to do now and that was to join the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce. Without hesitation, he said ‘done,’ and signed the card,” said Oliver, who posted photos from the occasion on Facebook. You can see that photo, along with a pair of Instagram posts from Jack Osbourne about their visit below.

The third season of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour will air on A&E. It's tentatively expected to return this summer.

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