I would imagine 24 million dollars worth of meth would be a couple weeks or months worth of seizures. Not one shipment.

Over in Laredo, Texas at the World Trade Bridge. Customs and Border Patrol had a massive drug bust one week ago. On March 3rd, an eighteen wheeler was trying to come into the country hauling 'paint'. Upon further inspection of this so called 'paint', a scan determined that something else was in the buckets.

28 of the containers were filled with 1,234 POUNDS of meth. They estimate that would have a street value of around $24,691,520. The case has been turned over to Homeland Security. Acting Port Director for Laredo, Eugene Crawford released a statement on the massive bust.

“The nation continues to experience an epidemic of drug trafficking and drug dependence. Nevertheless, as this massive methamphetamine seizure illustrates, our frontline CBP officers maintain heightened vigilance and bring all of our high tech tools and resources to bear against criminal organizations attempting to smuggle contraband into the United States."

Looks like a Walter White wannabe got their drugs seized and we know someone is pissed about it.

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