Always check those pockets folks.

I think we all know their is a little danger in riding some of those rides at the State Fairs throughout the country. However, while waiting in the line, you don't expect to get injured. Unfortunately, a woman attending the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City was hit in the head with a cell phone that someone had on them while riding.

Rebecca Gillespie out of Edmond, Oklahoma was in line for the Street Fighter. You can see a video of the ride in action at the Florida State Fair. The ride appears to be identical to the one at the Oklahoma State Fair. Rebecca shared some very graphic photos of the aftermath of getting hit in the head with a cell phone. You can also see a video in the comments of the phone falling from the ride.

Rebecca shared what happened with News 6. "My whole entire head shook. I felt like my teeth just slam together. My head the impact," said Gillespie. "Everyone around me was covering their faces, gasping saying oh my gosh are you OK? Not only did I feel it start pouring I seen the red.”

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Thankfully Rebecca is OK except for the stitches needed to cover up the massive gash in her head. A nurse just so happened to be waiting in the line as well and was able to come to Rebecca's aid. "I am so thankful for her because who knows how bad it could have got and how much blood I could have lost," said Rebecca.   


According to News 6, Street Fighter reaches a peak of about 70 feet in the air when upside down. So that means the iPhone that hit Rebecca came in at about 45 mph. Ouch! Hopefully folks remember to check those loose pockets before going on the upside down rides. Those items may not be there once the ride is over.

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