Someone either did a terrible crime or is playing a really sick joke. 

We all know that everything on the internet is not real, but some things you probably shouldn't joke around about. Murder being one of them.

The Tulsa police aren't laughing about this one either. Someone went onto Craigslist and bragged about murdering someone in the area. They also would go on to say they're going to do it again.

“Intelligence folks said they saw it and they are going to work on it," said  Sgt. Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit. Police sent a subpoena to Craigslist but results from that could take a while. While the police are taking the post very seriously, Walker said it could also likely be a scam or hoax.

“You know, we don’t have anyone who is unaccounted for. We don’t have a dead person that we haven’t figured out,” Walker said.If this is a joke, really man? Don't have anything better to do with your life?

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