Caught red-handed.

Lottery officials in every state do something they call 'compliance checks.' They create a winning lottery ticket with a massive prize amount, then they take it to a business to check the ticket and see what the clerk does. They do these random checks to ensure people are not getting screwed out of their lottery winnings.

A compliance check happened at a Love's gas station up in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The 'winning' ticket was for $20,000. The lottery official took it in knowing it was a winner, however, the clerk behind the counter told the undercover customer it was not a winner. That clerk was 40-year-old Angela Davis. Lottery officials will usually let the employee keep the ticket to then see what they do with it.

When the cash prize is an amount that high, you have to go claim it at the lottery commission office. The lottery office knew the ticket was a compliance check ticket so police were called. When questioning began about the ticket, Angela Davis had some sort of medical episode. She was taken to a hospital and released later that day.

Davis now faces charges of violation of the computer crimes act as well as obtaining money by false pretenses. Love's released a statement on the situation. "We are disappointed by the decision made by our former employee. Her actions do not align with the values of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, and she is no longer employed by the company."

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