UPDATE: Oklahoma officials voted this morning to allow this on the ballot on March. The citizens will vote as to whether they want liquor stores open on Sunday.

Changes could be coming to Oklahoma after a meeting today.

It looks like Oklahoma officials will be discussing today to allow the sale of liquor on Sundays throughout the state. The meeting and vote today will determine if this goes on the March ballot. News 9 is reporting it looks like the state will have the 2/3 vote needed to get it on the March ballot.

Grocery and convenience stores can sell beer and wine on Sundays in Oklahoma. Dale Blackburn is the owner of a liquor store in the state. He thinks this will help level the playing field. "Alcohol as far as wine went from 700 outlets to 3700 outlets so it took some of our business away," said Blackburn.  "All I'm asking if they're open let us be open."

"They don't understand why we're not open, by state law we can't be," he said. "We're just trying to get this loop hole fixed." We will keep an eye on the meeting today to see how the vote goes.

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