Authorities have released several 911 calls, as well as a cell phone video showing a swerving truck just moments before it slammed into a New Braunfels church bus killing 13 people near San Antonio on Wednesday.

KXAN reports that the first call about the truck swerving into other lanes on U.S. 83 came in just after noon on Wednesday, with a total of eight calls being made about the truck. One of drivers who called in to 911, Jody Kuchler, followed the truck for nearly 20 minutes before it crashed head-on into the church bus. Kuchler responded to the victims on the bus,

The elderly people that was in that bus -– them women that was still alive — none of them was crying. None of them complained. None of them asked for help. They just looked at me whenever I told them to hang on — help’s on the way.

After checking on the bus, Kuchler said he then attended to the driver of the truck, who Kuchler said admitted to having been texting at the time of the crash,

He was kinda half-way down in the floor board. He was pinned. He couldn’t get out and he asked me to help him. I said, ‘Son, do you know what you just did?’ He said, ‘I’m sorry, I was texting.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry." Nobody should be texting and driving anyway. It don’t matter. I don’t care if there’s a texting ban or not. This just cost 13 peoples’ lives.

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