The latest music video from Five Finger Death Punch has arrived, and it looks like guitarist Zoltan Bathory knows what he's doing when it comes to directing.

The video for "House of the Rising Sun" was filmed in the Nevada Desert and was co-directed by Bathory and Brian Neal. Bathory discussed the shoot recently, saying "We jumped into this knowing that we'd shoot more footage than we could possibly fit in one music video. We went out there with two helicopters, two gyrocopters, 20-something crazy cars, a big cast and an arsenal of cameras. We ended up with so much amazing material, the hardest task was to compress it down into a three-minute video, so we made an extended version with a long intro and we are making an even longer 'director's cut' as we speak."

But this could be just the tip of the iceberg. Bathory has claimed that the band is interested in making their own movie one day and lead singer Ivan Moody stated "You know, we've talked about doing everything from a movie, like a concept film, to, you know, toys . . . we've just talked about, you know, how to make the band bigger, better. You know, I mean, we always really got off on the cool stuff growing up and I think a lot of bands kind of lose sight of that. So we've talked about just trying to be creative amongst ourselves and do something that we think would be fun or special for our fan base."

"House of the Rising Sun" isn't the first cover song from FFDP, they found some success with their version of "Bad Company" back in 2010, which was certified Platinum.

The song's original author is unknown with its roots possibly dating as far back to the 16th century, although the most commercially successful version came from The Animals in 1964.

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