Sixx: A.M. founder Nikki Sixx will have plenty to promote this fall, as his new memoir, "The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx," and a career-spanning Sixx: A.M. hits collection are both set to arrive in the coming months.

Sixx: A.M.'s Hits will be released by Better Noise Music on Oct. 22, featuring some of the band's biggest songs along with fan favorite tracks. The group is also bolstering the set with six previously unheard songs, making it the first album with new music from the outfit since they released a pair of full-length records in 2016.

To help kick off promotion of the Hits set, the band has just dropped a new lyric video for the "Rock Mix" of their song "Skin." The original version of the track first appeared on the band's This Is Gonna Hurt album. Other bonus cuts include a radio mix of "Talk to Me," a piano vocal of "Life Is Beautiful" and the new songs "The First 21," "Penetrate" and "Waiting All My Life."

The full track listing and artwork can be viewed at the bottom of the post, where you can also check out the "Skin (Rock Mix)" lyric video. Pre-orders for the album are being taken here, while fans can just pick up the "Skin (Rock Mix)" at this location.

"The First 21" is also part of the title of Nikki Sixx's new memoir that's set to arrive on Oct. 19 via Hachette Books. In the book, Sixx reflects on his youth and how Frank Feranna eventually came to become Nikki Sixx. While some of the musician's history has been told through Motley Crue's book The Dirt, Nikki offers a more fleshed out reflection on his early years. And, "The First 21" that appears on the Hits album provides a musical accompaniment to what fans will read in the book. Pre-orders for "The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx" are being taken here.

Nikki Sixx, "The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx" Book Cover

Hachette Books
Hachette Books

In other Sixx: A.M. related activities, the band is celebrating their entire catalog on Spotify with the new “Sixx:A.M. 101 Playlist.” You can stream that here. Plus, the band has personally curated two exclusive merchandise collections for fans coinciding with the Hits album arrival. Take a closer look here and here.

Sixx: A.M., "Skin (Rock Mix)"

Sixx: A.M., Hits Artwork + Track Listing

Better Noise Music
Better Noise Music

Life Is Beautiful 3:35
This Is Gonna Hurt 3:56
Lies of the Beautiful People 3:58
Pray for Me 4:13
Rise 3:53
Stars 3:50
Maybe It’s Time 4:21
Skin 3:25
Belly of the Beast 3:47
Are You With Me Now 4:02
Girl With Golden Eyes 4:20
Accidents Can Happen 4:07
Gotta Get It Right 3:12
We Will Not Go Quietly 4:20

The First 21 - 3:20
Talk to Me – Radio mix 3:39
Penetrate 4:38
Waiting All My Life 3:17
Skin - Rock Mix 3:50
Life Is Beautiful – piano vocal 3:06

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