So all I have to do is eat more than this little guy and the meal is on the house? Don't worry guys, how much could he eat?

The New York Cosmos from what I could find is a second division soccer team that plays in the North American Soccer League. Don't worry, I never heard of them either. Well they were having a team lunch at a Buffalo Wild Wings when the manager offered to buy the whole team lunch. Only if one of the players could out eat one of his employees.

Turns out the manager had a ringer hired that day. What many people consider to be one of the biggest stomachs in the world, eating champion Kobayashi was a busboy. I love how Kobayashi starts off slow to give the soccer player some hope of winning, but then we see the real Kobayashi. As expected wasn't even close, Kobayashi smoked him by 40 wings.

Check Out this Epic Food Prank Below: