A new Netflix documentary is tackling a divisive and delicate subject... porn.

Specifically, Pornhub. The new trailer for Money Shot: The Pornhub Story raises interesting questions. While some people are adamantly opposed to the medium, others are fiercely supportive of sex workers. Still, others don’t give the subject a second thought. The trailer shows interviews with tons of people in the industry, from lawyers to performers, directors, and producers.

In the less-than-two-minute trailer, we hear a number of perspectives. The consensus, however, seems to be that Pornhub is nearly omnipresent as a brand, with recognition on the level of someone like Kellogg's. The thing is though, people don't really think to look at what's going on behind the scenes. Whether that's the possibility of sex trafficking knowingly being hosted on the site, or even mistreatment of consenting performers once they sign a contract, there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Here is the film’s official synopsis:

Pornhub, the internet's most famous adult entertainment platform, fundamentally changed how pornography is made and distributed. This enabled erotic content creators to reach a massive audience while the company made billions of dollars - but it also became embroiled in allegations including non-consensual material and trafficking on the site. As anti-trafficking organizations seek justice for victims, can the online giant protect those from whom they profit, or is this a new wave of censorship for adult performers making consensual porn?

There are a number of other issues explored in the trailer, like the fact that Pornhub functions in the same way that many social media websites do. While income is made from ads and productions that the company itself has a hand in, they also make a large portion of its income trafficking in user data. In addition to human trafficking allegations, Pornhub has also found itself in hot water as a result of hosting what’s referred to as “revenge porn” or underage content — all of which appears to be covered in the documentary as well.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story will debut on Netflix on March 15.

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