Jesse Heiman, the actor who got famous (sort of) for sucking face with supermodel  Bar Rafaeli in this year's 'Go Daddy' Superbowl commercial was seen last week trying to get his creep on with Nikki Reed, one of the sparkly Vampires from the Twilight movies. TMZ caught the entire exchange between the two of them and the entire exchange reeks of desperation.

My question is how the hell is this guy famous!  That 'Go Daddy' commercial might have been the most uncomfortable moment of my life as I was forced to watch the slobbery tonsil hockey for what seemed like an eternity. I wonder if the guy gets the fact that he was chosen for the commercial because he might be the most sexually unappealing person on the face of the planet, or at least in Hollywood. That is on a list of people that include Cloris Leachman, Rosie O'Donnell, and Mickey Rourke. What fantasy does Heiman live in that he thinks he is in the same league with Nikki Reed? Let me answer that by pointing out the obvious in the video.... HE DOESN'T!  This guy knows that even though he is kinda sorta well known for being super nerdy and gross it still isn't enough to get the guy any action. So apparently he has resorted to getting all rapey with actresses as they leave nightclubs in downtown L.A.  Here's the Video, Check it out for yourself.