When Richard Geisenheyner decided to fly the confederate flag to show his "southern pride" in front of his Missouri home, people reacted by labeling and treating him as a racist. Instead of taking it down or just leaving it up and not caring, he decided to give his neighborhood the finger from another hand by putting up a very offensive sign above the flag

"Slaves 4 Sale" the sign reads.

"If people actually believe that a Confederate flag stands for slavery, well, I might as well be just as stupid as they are," Geisenheyner told Fox 4. He said the flag is a political statement for what a "southern rebel" really is.

One neighbor said the flag does not bother them, but the sign does.

Giesenhyner has since taken the sign down and other neighbors told the news station they hope he thinks of better ways to "vent his frustrations" in the future.


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