Mom has always been there for you. Even when she grounded you because you came in five minutes late, you knew it was all because she loved you. Mother’s Day is May 12 this year, and we have a few ideas for how you can make it a special day that she’ll always remember.

Breakfast in bed

It might sound like something out of a movie, but what a better way to wake up Mom than with her favorite foods. There are a couple of ways that you can go about starting the day off right. If you’re adventurous, you might try making everything from scratch with love. Grocery stores have great items that make the task easier, such as muffins that only need water and a little time in the oven, but maybe you’re not so great at scrambling up those eggs. If that’s the case, make a stop at the Atlanta Bread Company the day before and get some sweet treats and bagels for Sunday morning.

The Atlanta Bread Company is located at 2801 Midwestern Parkway, right by Sikes Senter Mall.

Take her to brunch

If Mom isn’t the type who would appreciate a crumb or two in her bed, brunch might be a better option. With so many places in Wichita Falls to choose from, it all boils down to what she likes. If you’re looking to please everyone in the family, a buffet such as Golden Corral on Kemp Boulevard might be an option. Or, if Mom is in the mood to be waited on, an option such as the Olive Garden (also on Kemp) or a tasty breakfast from IHOP on Southwest Parkway might do the trick. It’s key to ask her what she’s in the mood for, and go for it, even if you aren’t in the mood for the same restaurant. Remember it’s all about her today.

A picnic in Lucy Park

If the weather cooperates, a picnic lunch is a great idea for Mother’s Day. Many of us haven’t been on a picnic in a long time, so this activity not only brings back memories from the past, but also brings the family closer together as you pack up your meal. It’s easiest if you prepare sandwiches in advance so they’re easy to take out and eat. Other ideas for your picnic basket could be fruit, chips, cookies, potato salad, and beverages. You may also consider grilling at your picnic. Remember to bring silverware and condiments, along with plates to eat everything on. While you’re at the park, take a walk to the Falls and take a few photos, and don’t forget to bring some bread for the ducks and birds at the pond.

Lucy Park is located on Sunset Drive off of Seymour Highway.

Take in a little disc golf

Otherwise known as Frisbee golf, disc golf is fun for the whole family. There are two courses set up in Wichita Falls. One is in Lucy Park, mentioned above, and the other is at Lake Wichita Park. The purpose of the game is to throw your disc into a basket, and do so in a limited number of throws. The game can be played as single players, or if you want to start some family competition, you might team up for more fun. The city of Wichita Falls even provides score cards, which can be picked up at the Recreation Office at 600 11th Street, room 209. Disc golf courses are first come first serve basis and you need to bring your own discs, then the fun starts!

Lake Wichita Park is located at 5205 Fairway Boulevard.

Get even more competitive with mini golf

Be careful that you don’t start the smack talk too early, because there’s a good chance that Mom might show you up on the golf course. The Plex has two 18-hole mini golf courses that you can experience, and when you’re done you can order a pizza and play some arcade games. The Plex now also offers laser tag, which is fun for all ages. Plan ahead and challenge another family, then you can all battle it out to see who will reign supreme.

The Plex is located at 4131 Southwest Parkway.

Be creative with Mom

You loved doing projects with her when you were a kid, so why not plan an activity now? Stores like Hobby Lobby have endless ideas for projects and it could be a lot of fun to make something together. If crafts aren’t really your style, plan out a garden with the help of Lowe’s or Home Depot, and she’ll have something beautiful to look at for a long time. It’s not something that you need to plan out ahead of time because the shopping trip to find something to do can be fun in and of itself.

Regardless of what you do on Mother’s Day, it’s really just about hanging out as a family and finding something to do together. Mom doesn’t mind if you spend a lot of money on her, she just wants to spend time with you.

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