I love Hooters and I think we need one in Texoma. I do feel Hooters gets a bad rap and I think that stories like these do not help.

A middle school football coach in Oregon had a great surprise for his team after the season. To celebrate what a great job his team did this year, he was going to take them to Hooters. Apparently this party had been in the works for a few months, but a few days before it was going to take place some parents had a problem with it.

Coach Randy Burbach said the boys have been looking forward to this all season and to change it now would be crazy. After a debate with the athletic director of the school, the decision came down, change the venue or you're fired. Coach Burbach decided to get fired rather than change the venue.

Here is the part of the story where I went nuts. Athletic director Jean-Paul Soulagnet came out with this statement. "Hooters is known worldwide for a number of things," he said, "and I don't think food is one of them."

I call bulls***. You know why? Because I used to get Hooters to-go on a weekly basis for Dallas Cowboys games. I really love their wings. When my roommate goes home to Dallas, he picks up Hooters in Denton on the way home because I miss it so much. While eating this Hooters to-go I do not see a single Hooters girl, I am just enjoying the delicious food.

Now I'm sure the parents complaining have never set foot in a Hooters. Everyone has this preconceived notion of this place. This is the argument I have had with 95% of my girlfriends. "Hey before we go to that Mavericks game we are going to Hooters." My girlfriend then says, "I don't want to go there." I then say, "have you been there?" I get the same response every time. "No, but I know I am not going to like it."

So ladies, when you ask me to watch "The Notebook" you will get the same response. No I have never seen it, but I know I am not going to like it.

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