Though very different in style, Metallica and Maneskin will each play 2022's stateside installment of the Global Citizen Festival, the annual live music event spearheaded by Global Citizen, the organization dedicated to achieving the end of extreme poverty.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Global Citizen. The concert occurs Sept. 24 in Central Park. In showing their commitment to the cause, both the legendary American metal band and the polished Italian pop-rockers will light up the city with their sounds.

A twin concert will take place in Ghana, West Africa, on the same day, according to Billboard. In New York, Metallica and Maneskin will be joined on the bill by pop artists such as Charlie Puth, the Jonas Brothers, Mariah Carey, Mickey Guyton and Rosalia.

And it's just not musical artists who will appear. "On Sept. 24th, the world's biggest artists, leaders, changemakers, and Global Citizens from around the world will gather," Global Citizen shared across social media on Wednesday (Aug. 10). "It's going to be a festival unlike any other! Start taking action NOW for girls, for the planet, and to end poverty."

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For 10 years, Global Citizens have been taking action and calling on world and corporate leaders to make meaningful commitments to achieve the end of extreme poverty. The world’s biggest artists have helped amplify those calls and achieve an astounding amount of impact. Since Global Citizen built its first stage in 2012, Global Citizens have taken over 30 million actions, leading to over $41.1B in dispersed funding that’s impacting the lives of over 1.15 billion people.

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