If you went to a park and saw a man in his underwear playing death metal music on a cello and two kick drums, would you tip him? Surprisingly, that's exactly what some bystanders did and, yes, it has all been captured on video for rest of the world to see.

Unlike the local drummer in California who was attacked by a man with an axe and a gun for playing his kit in public earlier this year, this fortunate fellow was the benefactor of park crowd completely devoid of hostility, at least from what we've seen in the video.

This brave public defender of extreme metal is only equipped with a cello and a pair of kick drums, though he's surrounded by a fair amount of gear with a one amplifier cabinet, headstock and PA speaker positioned across from road cases that are mostly out of the frame.

And let's not forget, on the ground is a spot to leave cash tips, which did not go unnoticed by passers by.

At the end of the video clip, which was shared on Twitter, the black boxer brief-clad musician even receives a roar of applause. "More parks should have people playing death metal cello in their underwear," wrote the Twitter user who shared the clip.

So, who is he?

This French headbanger operates under the musical moniker Mr Marcaille and you can listen to his original song "Fuck Off and Die" directly below through the Bandcamp audio player. Head here to listen to the full NO SNARE NO HEADACHE album that was released in 2021.

Head here to listen to Loudwire's Modern Death Metal (2020-2022) playlist.

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