It's hard to say if this guy is worse at dating or driving.

A woman from Walker County, Ala. was thrown out of the car by her blind date when police pulled his car over during a traffic stop last weekend.

Jesse Elliot was driving the woman when a deputy stopped them. Elliot said he didn't have his license, but gave his name and birthday. When the officer went to his vehicle to check out the info, Elliot shoved his date out of the car and sped away, leading cops on a chase and turning an uncomfortable date into a horrendous one.

Authorities stopped the chase because Elliot was driving so wildly that he posed a hazard to other people on the road. He has yet to be caught. And when/if he is, you can make that lame "justice is blind date" joke.

The woman, meanwhile, was not hurt. She confirmed she had been on a blind date and accepted a ride home from authorities (in a rom-com, she would end falling for the officer who brought her home, but this is real life, so nothing like that has happened. Yet).

Elliot, as it turns out, had outstanding misdemeanor warrants and a suspended driver's license, so it's safe to say he panicked.

As for whoever set up these two crazy kids, one deputy said that person "has some explaining to do." Gee, you think?

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