No one, once again no one made a better promo than the Macho Man himself Randy Savage. Lets check out some of my favorites.

1. The Cream of the Crop

Who knew the Macho Man was a magician. He pulls these little coffee creamers out of nowhere. 'Nothing means, nothing!'

2. I hate you Hulk Hogan

This is after the Mega Powers broke up. Yeah the greatest tag team combo ever. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, better than chocolate and peanut butter. When you put Miss Elizabeth in danger, Macho Man goes insane.

3. When the Madness and the Mania Come Together

Since we were on the Mega Powers lets go back to better times. When the two came together and it was amazing. No tag team will ever beat this.

4. Nothing But Garbage

I liked when the Macho Man had props with him. He was like a carrot top that could kill you with his bare hands. Watch Mean Gene when Macho Man calls Tito garbage. Yeah, sick burn Macho.