Longtime Motorhead and current Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee has revealed that Lemmy Kilmister once turned down a reunion tour with the classic Ace of Spades lineup, even though Dee himself encouraged him to pursue the opportunity.

The subject of the reunion was broached in an episode of the 'Waste Some Time' podcast hosted by Jason Green, where Dee first commented on any potential reunion of the lineup that played on King Diamond's 1987 album, Abigail.

Dee, who played drums in the band from 1985 through 1989 and was featured on the first three King Diamond albums, played down the idea of that happening, leaving that decision entirely up to the singer.

"I think King is very happy with his band and he should stick to that. I know [drummer] Matt Thompson's been playing with him for 20-plus years. He's a great drummer, and his band is fantastic and they do it really well," commented Dee (transcription via Ultimate Guitar), who also noted a complete Abigail lineup reunion would not be possible as bassist Timi Hansen died in late 2019.

"I remember Motorhead being asked that same question years and years back," Dee said of the idea of a classic album lineup reunion. "Lemmy was asked if he wanted to do one tour with 'Philthy' [drummer Phil Taylor] and [guitarist] Eddie [Clarke], and he said, 'Why on Earth would I do that? I'm playing with the best band I ever had,'" he recalled.

"I actually told him, 'Look, maybe you should do it, it would be a fun thing for our fans.' But he wasn't interested in that. Sometimes, it's not good to look back the whole time, you should look forward," the drummer offered.

Prior to Dee officially joining the ranks of Motorhead in 1992, Kilmister had made attempts to recruit the drummer years earlier when both Motorhead and King Diamond toured together in 1987. "He was feeling me out," the skinsman stated, "And he said, 'You should come to play with us maybe.'"

Although the offer was intriguing, Dee admitted he was "not ready for a band like Motorhead at that time because I wanted to earn my stripes more and get more routine and experience out there on the road, and so forth."

He said he respectfully declined, though he and Lem remained in contact over subsequent years and the Motorhead leader often sent him postcards from around the world and called to chat now and then.

Mikkey Dee on 'Waste Some Time' Podcast

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