How many times have you stepped on your kids Legos in the middle of the night?

The maker of Legos have heard your outbursts and screams and they can see that you've had enough. The Lego slipper is here, but it's only here for a limited time and a limited amount of 1,500 will be made.

They come in bright red and yellow with the Lego logo on the top of the foot. They have an open back so they can be quickly placed on your feet before you step onto a Lego landmine area.

So, what makes them different than any other slipper? According to Lego:

A massive amount of padding on the insoles protects your tootsies from even the biggest Lego pieces. You could step on a Duplo brick and come out fine. You could even crush an entire Lego Millennium Falcon, but don't let the slippers' superpowers go to your head.

LEGO NOEL 2015 par Brand StationCar vos enfants adorent les #LEGO ... mais qu'ils adorent par-dessus tout partager leur passion dans toute la maison ... cette année, nous avons imaginé pour vous parents LE cadeau ultime pour #Noël : des chaussons LEGO à la semelle rembourrée qui vous permettront de vous balader en pleine nuit dans la maison ... sans le moindre souci ! ;) #NoelLEGO2015

Posted by Brand Station on Monday, November 9, 2015

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